about jim etherington

It is virtually impossible to pigeon hole the type of music Jim Etherington plays because it includes Rock, Blues, Country, Reggae and South American as well as traditional Irish, English and even Greek and it spans the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s right through to current hits.

His success over the years as a musician, performer and entertainer is in no small measure due to this amazing range of material that he can draw upon at the drop of a hat.

Whatever style, country of origin or age of music, he manages to present it in such a way that the audience can identify fully with and participate in the sound that he produces.

As well as always having played solo, he did also play with a full rock band up until 5 years ago. He found, however, that, although it was great fun, he was more restricted in the type of material he could present to audiences of mixed ages and backgrounds, so now he has full control and the freedom to produce the sounds he seems to instinctively know that the audience would be able to dance to, sing along, or simply listen to and enjoy.

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  • Jan.28 2022
  • The Sandford, Sandford, Wareham
  • 28 January 2022 @ 8:00 pm 10:30 pm

    Opening night for 2022

  • Friday 8:00pm More Info >>
  • Jim performing a gig at Corfe Castle in Dorset

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    Jim Etherington manages to capture an audiences attention and put on a show that people love, take a look and see him in action, tweet, like and share!