1. How can one person generate sufficient excitement (musically!) for people to dance/ participate in the evening?
    It is down to:

    1. Playing technique Jim uses- He has developed a style of playing that includes the bass, rhythm and lead as well as percussive right hand techniques that enable him to sound like a full band.
      (People often ask Jim where the backing track are, and are astonished to find that there aren’t any).
    2. Experience in selecting material that people can relate to.
  2. How long is his set?
    Jim usually plays for 3 hours (and has been known to play for longer).
  3. How far does he travel?

    Jim has performed all over the UK, including Devon, Cornwall, Wales, Yorkshire as well as Dorset where he lives. He has also been flown up to Scotland and Norway to play for weddings and ski parties + festivals in the South of France.
  4. Does he have his own PA?

    Jim has always insisting on having the best quality sound available and he has the necessary equipment to cover small restaurant venues up the large open air concerts.
  5. Cost?
    From £400 depending upon:

    • The number of people (the larger the number of people, the more PA required).
    • Distance from the venue.
    • Site visit prior to the event.

    All of the above can be discussed by telephoning/ emailing Jim directly.

    NB: Due to the style and nature of the performance, Jim is not prepared to play at venues equipped with sound limiters.